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chris - 'i started buying chairs instead of houses...they're a lot smaller and cheaper! i can afford to buy one but not the other'
susan - 'everyone thinks it's really good, i don't know whether they're jealous, but they seem to want to collect the same stuff as me'
marcus - 'i started to collect them, because i carve tikis'
jack - 'i like stuff that feature the words; death, kill, poison, murder and suicide'
kay - 'the contents of my tins have all been eaten'
bob - 'my family like that i'm involved in something to keep me occupied'
cody - 'me and my mate back in the day started collecting pez, just because we both loved them, then it became a bit of a competition'
robert - 'my family thinks it's alright, and my kids definitely have the lawnmower bug. we named our youngest son victa, which is spelt the same way as the mower brand...some people think it's pretty weird for somebody to collect lawnmowers, who think that i'm a bit of a strange one, that;s until they see them and say, 'wow they're really cool!''